Website Creation – Tip #1

Website Creation - Tip #1

I Want a Website Like that Person Over There

In this short Website Creators Insiders Tips series I will share some of what I have learned about getting a website online.

Website CreationNow,  if you’ve ever said to yourself “I want a website like that person over there”.  Well now is the time to get that request taken care of with a few insiders tips. Grab a cup off coffee and lets chat for a few minutes.

Depending on your situation you can complete these steps yourself or you can pay to have them done for you. 

There are pros and cons to both approaches and which direction you chose to go is up to you. 

Website Costs Time and Money don’t waste either

Remember that just like when you start a traditional brick and mortar business you will incur some costs associated with getting a website built. 

It does not matter if you pay someone else to do it or you decide to do it yourself. 

Just be prepared to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars if you do everything yourself.  Up to a few thousand dollars if you have your website built for you.

Yes, you can get a website built for free online.  But those websites are often gonna be owned by someone because you are using their resources. 

And that means you don’t really own that website you spent all of that time and effort to build.  Take the time and money you need to spend to build a website that you truly own outright from day one.

Fair warning upfront, the “DO IT YOURSELF” method will require some time,  as well as a financial commitment on your part. 

You’ll need to take the time to learn how to complete each step listed. 

There will be a need to purchase software along with other products and services that you may not be familiar with at the moment. 

I built all of my own websites and I have built them for other people as well.  And yes it took me a while to learn how to do it correctly. 

And yes I had to buy a few different books, software and the like to get things done.  But, in the end it was worth it and I found it fun to be able to build my own websites.

If you are comfortable with taking on the “DO IT YOURSELF” method and you are willing to do the tasks that required.  You will be well on your way to getting your business online quickly. 

If however, you are not comfortable doing things yourself or you do not have the time to complete the job correctly. 

Then just outsource this project to someone you trust or hire a professional to do it for you.

Ok, with that said here are some important tips you need to keep in mind as you start down the road to having your website built:

  1. Set your Business Website Goals and Purpose before you start designing your site or before you talk to your website designer.

  2.  You need to set a realistic deadline for when you would like to have your website design completed, approved and live on the Internet.

  3. You should create a Budget for your Website project ($500, $1000, $5,000, $10,000) and stick to it.  It is better to over estimate what a website design will cost compared to under estimating and then trying to talk your website designer into giving you a discount for their service.

Plan Your work, Work Your Plan

KEY POINT: You should not expect your website to magically appear on the Internet if you make constant design changes.  It is not uncommon to request a few changes. 

Website PlanBut, going beyond one or two changes after the design process has been set in motion will delay the launch of your website and cost you more time and money.  

If someone else is designing your website please do your part and provide whatever information is requested by your webmaster. 

When you get the information to them quickly this will allow them to get your website completed and online by your requested deadline.

Once you decide that you want to let someone else design your website get everything in writing, it doesn’t matter if your website designer is your family member or a total stranger. 

Get the details listed out in black and white, get a written contract.  You may feel uncomfortable asking a family member for a contract but you need to protect your investment and ensure your website gets built. 

I will expand on this subject a little more in future Website Creators Insiders Tips.  Until then take some time to complete steps 1 thru 3 above.  They are more important than you may realize right now.

Besides completing these first three steps may get you to stop saying,  “I want a website like that person over there”.  And start saying “Look at my website”.


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