Marketing With A Unique Logo

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Jump Start Your Marketing Efforts With A Unique Logo

Jump Start Your Marketing Efforts With A Unique Logo if you really want to be noticed quickly.  There are only a few ways to create an immediate and lasting impression faster for any business then to create a logo. 

A logo is a unique graphic design that identifies your company or product.  Its’ purpose is to help the public instantly identify and recognize your business/products.

Logo Creation Tips

Jump Start Your Marketing With Unique Logo

Every business needs customers to grow and thrive.  Which means you must market your business to attract customers. Your marketing and customer attraction efforts start with a unique logo. 

Creating a logo involves several steps.  Here are a few things to consider when you decide to get one created.

Here are a few tips to help you to Jump Start Your Marketing Efforts With A Unique Logo.

1. First of all always strive for a graphic design format that is scalable. This simply means that if you need to use your design for different media.  Like your website, business cards, flyers, etc. you will be able to do so. 

In addition to that you want to be able to change your graphic size easily without losing image quality.  Having a scalable Vector graphic logo will do the trick.

2. There are three kinds of graphic designs that companies use to link their brand to their logo. 

a. Font based logos that consist mostly of text. 

b. Logos with some sort of illustration like an automotive shop using a wrench. 

c.  An abstract graphic like symbol – like the Nike Swoosh or the Pepsi sign.

3. Expect to pay a reasonable price for a good logo design, it will be worth it in the long run.

4. Make sure the text portion of your company name on your logo is sharp, clear and readable from a distance.

Because you never know where your design may appear in the future (posters, vehicle signage, billboards, etc.).

5. Your images should reflect what your business is about, (Cooking, Cars, Dentistry, Real Estate, Plumbing, etc.).

6. Your logo should contain a visual and memorable element.

7. Make sure your graphic does not contain an image or text that could be viewed as offensive.

8. Do not use trendy images or graphics in your logo design. You want your logo to endure over a long period of time.

Use simple Colors

9.  Limit your graphic colors to two colors where possible (i.e. red and blue, black and yellow, etc.) Do not exceed three colors when possible. 

When choosing your design colors remember that several studies have shown that colors convey several meaning psychologically.

Because colors often can mean different things to people depending on which part of the world you are marketing to.

Take the time to understand the culture and people in the  market you are targeting.

For example in North America: Blue – Calming, loyalty, trust worthiness, Green – Health and wealth, Red – Passion, Danger, excitement.

10. Another thing don’t use Drop shadows or Bevel lettering.

11. Your logo should be developed and saved in one of three image formats. Transparent PNG, JPEG, Vector – recommended format by most people.

12. Make sure you use one or two font styles only.

13. Use lots of white space in your designs.

14. Your design should be relevant to your products or services.

15. Do not use Gradient colors because the fine details in certain graphics.   Or the variety of colors within your design may not appear the same when printed on certain media because the print processes may not be the same.

16. Once your graphic is designed and you are happy with it.  And you feel it embodies your company’s mission statement or brand. 

You should apply for a trademark on that logo for your business. Once your logo is protected use it for all of your marketing efforts.

When you Jump Start Your Marketing With A Unique Logo

You stand out from the crowd

Logo should stand out from the crowd
Remember that creating a unique logo can be a fun, easy and enjoyable process.  A process that can bring your business years of additional recognition and revenue. 

But, you must take the time to get a design that reflects well on you and your business.

Most of all don’t settle get a graphic design you like.  Look for a design that makes your business stand out.  Aim for a logo design that represents your business in the best possible light.

Always remember that your logo design and the potential business that logo represents can live on long after you are no longer running the day to day operations. 

So chose wisely and Jump Start Your Marketing Efforts With A Unique Logo then use your logo on all of your marketing materials.

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