7 Reasons Why You’ll Never Succeed Online

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If you step back for a minute and really look at what is happening online.  You will see that there are millions of people making money online today.  But there are also millions of people who have tried to make money online and failed.

There are numerous reasons for why some people succeed online and others fail.  Here are seven reasons I have noticed that lead to failure online.

Reason number 1:  You don’t have a team of people to help you build and grow your business from day one.    
Even if you don’t have everyone in place in the beginning.  You need to know who you can gain access to down the road to help you.

Reason number 2:  You fail to engage with people with a similar mindset or interest like yourself.  Associating with like minded people be it online or in person will lift your spirit and confidence on those days when you are down.  And they will fuel your dreams and aspirations when you achieve even the smallest grain of success. 

Reason number 3:  You find it difficult to overcome failure and rejection.  In the game of baseball you get three chances to hit the ball.   Now if you get three strikes sure you are upset about that.  But you know you will get another chance.  So you work hard, concentrate and prepare to hit that ball the next time.

But for some reason when people experience business failure or a setback many people just throw in the towel and give up. Listen to me for a moment.  

Don’t do that. Learn from your mistakes just like you did as a kid and try again.   You may be surprised when you get better results the next time around. 

Reason number 4:  You lack any real motivation and you are only going through the motions.  You’re only doing this online thing because you were told that’s what you are supposed to be doing.  You’re only trying to build an online business because your friends or a family member is doing it. 

It happens. And it leads me to reason number 5.

Reason number 5:  You fail to properly invest in your online business and in yourself.  Which means you fail to gain the knowledge you need to build your new online business. 

Building an online business in many ways is the same as building an offline business.  You still have to invest in the tools, materials and get the training you need to build and grow your business.

Reason number 6:  You will never succeed online if you have unrealistic expectations.   Those expectations could be about money, status, fame or something completely different.  Either way when we find ourselves expecting the world to give us something FREE on a silver platter. 

And we have little knowledge and even less experience behind those expectations. People often find themselves disappointed and they give up. 

Reason number 7:  Now number 7 isn’t much of a reason for Why You’ll Never Succeed Online. 

As much as it is a little bit of wisdom, encouragement and a short question. 


  1. For Starters, increase your quantity of knowledge that shows you it can be done.
  2. Watch and listen to successful people and do what they have already done.

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